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About Axon

Axon is a technology-driven product and services business. We are focused on disrupting the current approach to market data management using automated processes combined with centralised content to comply with, and report to, exchanges and data vendors. Using this approach, Axon offers an extremely competitive solution that allows market data teams to carry out more valuable activities.

The Axon Team

The driving force behind Axon is its people.

The Axon platform is designed by a team of highly-skilled market data professionals, with an in-depth understanding and a wealth of experience of this niche and complex industry sector. The Axon team provides you with the highest levels of market data knowledge and expertise.

Chris Hutton, CEO at Axon Financial Systems

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Chris Hutton

Chris began his career in the financial technology sector when he joined Harco Technology in 2005, and went on to become head of the DART business within NYSE Technologies in 2011. Chris is now CEO and one of the founding members of Axon.

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Steve Cowler, COO at Axon Financial Systems

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Steve Cowler

One of the founding members of Axon, Steve co-founded Harco Technology, and went on to become managing director and head of Dart within NYSE Technologies. Steve previously worked for Reuters and was Product Manager of the DACs entitlement system.

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Aaron Garforth, CIO at Axon Financial Systems

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Aaron Garforth

Aaron began his career at the London Stock Exchange before moving to Bloomberg, then Ballintrae, where he was responsible for market data services. He went on to become the Exchange Policy and Compliance expert for the DART business within NYSE Technologies. Aaron is now CIO and one of the founding members of Axon.

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Laura Gilliland, Business Analyst at Axon Financial Systems

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Business Analyst

Laura Gilliland

Laura gained her knowledge of the market data industry during her time as a student intern with NYSE Technologies. Joining Axon in 2015, Laura helps manage Axon’s flagship product PEAR, ensuring clients are kept up-to-date with the latest exchange-driven changes.

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Catherine Doherty, Marketing and Sales Executive at Axon Financial Systems

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Marketing and Sales Executive

Catherine Doherty

Catherine completed her internship with Axon in 2017, during this year she gained insight into the world of market data. Recently graduating from Queen’s University in 2018 with a degree in Business Management, Catherine has re-joined the Axon team as the marketing and sales executive.

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John McGrath, Developer at Axon Financial Systems

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John McGrath

A graduate of Queen’s University with degrees in Computer Science and Law, John is a Microsoft-certified developer with a strong background in web-based technologies. At his role at Axon, John’s work focuses on the development of the client product suite.

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Eimear Keane, Senior Business Analyst at Axon Financial Systems

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Senior Business Analyst

Eimear Keane

Eimear joined Harco Technology in 2005 and went on to lead the Managed Services team for the DART business within NYSE Technologies. Eimear also played a key role after the acquisition of the DART division of NYSE Technologies by SR Labs.

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Noelle Steele, Business Analyst at Axon Financial Systems

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Business Analyst

Noelle Steele

Noelle joined Harco Technology in 2007 as a Technical Account Manager and went on to work with DART after Harco was acquired by NYSE Euronext. At Axon Noelle maintains the quality of information and works on functional enhancements within PEAR.

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Ronan McKibbin, Sales and Business Development Manager at Axon Financial Systems

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Sales and Business Development

Ronan Mc Kibbin

Ronan has 13+ years’ experience in the Financial Technology sector including 5 years as a Sales Director for NYSE Technologies and the Wombat and DART platforms. Ronan is a dedicated Sales & Business Development manager and has spent many years building relationships within the industry.

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Stephen Crosby, Senior Market Data Analyst at Axon Financial Systems

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Senior Market Data Analyst

Stephen Crosby

Stephen spent more than 10 years at the London Stock Exchange as a Market Data Auditor. Immediately prior to Axon Stephen was a Senior Market Data Analyst at 3D Innovations which included several onsite consultancy projects and market data management roles.

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Mark Jamison, DevOps Engineer at Axon Financial Systems

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DevOps Engineer

Mark Jamison

Mark previously worked at Citi and NYSE technologies before joining an Internet service provider as a Systems Engineer. In his role at Axon, Mark looks after web hosting and continuous delivery solutions for the release of software.

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Ross Meikle, Developer at Axon Financial Systems

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Ross Meikle

Ross graduated from University of Ulster in 2017 with a degree in computer games development. Ross previously worked at Randox as a developer before joining the Axon team in 2018. In his role at Axon, Ross works on improving the current client product suite.

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Michael Baine, Developer at Axon Financial Systems

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Michael Baine

A graduate from University of Ulster with a degree in Computer Science, Michael has 8+ years’ experience as a Microsoft Net developer. Before joining Axon in 2019, Michael previously worked as a developer at Infosign in Sydney and at Lookers plc. In his role at Axon, Michael works on further enhancing the current client product suite.

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Ben Nicholls, Business Analyst at Axon Financial Systems

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Business Analyst

Ben Nicholls

Ben has 7+ years’ experience within the Fintech industry having previously worked for the DDM (Dart Data Management) service at NYSE Tech/Vela. Ben joined the Axon team in early 2018, where his current role is mainly supporting the Axon ADS service.

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