6 Benefits of Using PEAR

Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Since the launch of PEAR, over 4 years ago, the product has evolved significantly. Now, with its unique functionalities and coverage of over 170 markets, PEAR is an invaluable tool for any market data team and here is why… Reasons why Market Data Professionals use PEAR… 1) Can cost ‘What If’ scenarios. When approached with a set of business or trading requirements for a new application, ‘What If’ will generate the market data fees and licensing requirements, quickly and efficiently, based on the current exchange policies. Building your scenario is easy with PEAR, a few clicks to select the markets, product levels and some information on how the data is to be used. This returns all fees and required licences, highlighting those your organisation already holds. Thus, reducing hours of work, to minutes! 2) Searchable information using vendor codes. Axon overlays the exchange agreements, pricing and policies with meta data and a standardised database schema. Users can search across their list of exchanges for particular areas of policy. Traders and developers commonly use PDPs, EIDs or MICs when referring to market data products. This information is captured in PEAR alongside product names to help assist in finding the associated policies, licenses and costs. 3) Standardisation. PEAR provides standardisation and consistency across all markets, including standardised terms for policies like the Unit of Count, for both display and non-display. These provide clarity within the area of market data usage reporting. Unit of Count policy is available across all exchanges in PEAR, to help understand what should be counted, to ensure reporting is correct, whilst at the same time identifying areas where savings can be made. 4) Includes product and licence hierarchy structures. PEAR’s unique hierarchy structure reflects the parent/child relationships between the licenses and products across all markets. This is especially important when running reports across multiple exchanges, or when building out a scenario in What If, to ensure an accurate representation of the costs associated, and the licenses required. 5) Contains historical exchange Information. PEAR maintains a history of exchange fees, policy documents, and everything in between, so you can find them all in one place when needed. Making an audit that little bit easier! 6) Includes details of exchange announcements and upcoming changes to ensure you stay up to date. Email notifications and the PEAR Announcements feature highlight any upcoming exchange changes, providing information on the fees, and any policy directly affected, so these can be actioned as part of your workflow. Announcements can be filtered based on particular exchanges, policy types or by specifying a date range, to ensure nothing gets missed. Schedule a demo or free trial to gain a more comprehensive overview of how PEAR works, and ultimately how it can benefit you and your team. Contact us today: sales@axonfs.com