Enhanced licence functionality in ACT

Enhanced Licence Functionality in ACT

Date: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Axon are delighted to announce that we have developed even further the ‘Licence Functionality’ within ACT by adding the ability to compare data from two snapshots, including the beginning and end of a review period. What is ACT? ACT (Application, Compliance, Tool) is a fully customizable application workflow management tool for managing the recertification and on-boarding process of proprietary market data applications. ACT gives you a clear view of the exchange compliance of all your applications. What’s new? - Users can now run a snapshot of the current licences required for their use case and compare it to previously saved snapshots or those created by the ACT system at the start and end of reviews. - Users have the ability to finalise a review period closing off any open reviews and creating a licence snapshot for comparison purposes. - The comparison will appear in a new page of the licence tab showing; new licences required, licences that have changes to the related applications and licences that may no longer be required. ACT Users - The new feature can be accessed by logging into ACT and selecting the licence tab. If you are not an existing user and wish to find out more about our ACT product, please contact: sales@axonfs.com.