Axon Knowledge - Pear


Axon Knowledge, powered by Axon’s online exchange compliance database – PEAR - deploys smart technology and uses standardised, searchable data sets of regulations, rules and pricing for exchanges and other data content originators, to reduce sourcing time, increase efficiency and cut operating costs.

PEAR Application

PEAR is Axon’s online exchange compliance database and the knowledge centre that underpins the Axon platform. With an intuitive design, PEAR has a home page for each exchange giving customers access to dedicated sections on products, policies and copies of documents.


The PEAR API is available as an add-on to the PEAR product which allows programmatic access to the information held in the database for use in other systems and workflows.

Computer screen showing the PEAR market data compliance database


Gives the ability to compare in detail previous exchange documents with the current versions side-by-side, whether that be a PDF or Word format. ComPEAR highlights the changes/differences between the documents allowing users to perform comparisons in seconds.

Licence Picker

Axon’s Licence Picker feature makes life easier for PEAR users by applying a simple colour-coding process to highlight the licences a firm holds and the products they use.

A green tick indicates products used and licences held by the firm, and an orange tick indicates products and licences which are associated/included with the licences held and products used.

The ‘What-If’ functionality enables firms to generate a cost-calculation based on products and licences that are specific to them, by excluding costs for licences held by the firm. This provides firms with a much more accurate cost projection of their proposed data-usage.

All licences and products marked by an administrator via the new Admin tab are visible to all users throughout your company level, making it easier for all internal users to understand the firm’s current licensing and product subscriptions.

PEAR Benefits

  • Enables users to determine data usage costs by creating ‘what if’ scenarios.

  • Searchable information using vendor codes.

  • Allows the mapping of market data policies at product level rather than Exchange level, this in turn allows users to access targeted guidance to their queries efficiently. Previous exchange market data agreements, policies, pricing and announcements are maintained within Axon Knowledge and are accessible via PEAR.

  • Recognises searchable terms including Axon’s proprietary standardised terms for Unit of Count. Standardised searchable terms allow for easy comparison between exchanges or products in addition to providing quick reference guidance.

  • Axon Knowledge includes product and licence hierarchy structures allowing users to quickly see which other products or licences are included within any given product or licence.

  • Includes details of announcements by exchanges and upcoming price changes to ensure that you stay up to date.