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Our technology-enabled market data compliance platform is an industry game changer

Technology-driven Efficiency & Productivity

Axon’s technology platform is disrupting market data management practices with its automated process designed by industry-leading experts with a focus on automating compliance, reporting and policy management.

The platform, which is based on three principal product groups: AxonKnowledge, AxonManage and AxonWorks, is designed to drive efficiency and productivity within market data management.

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News & Announcements

FITS and INFOmatch now integrated with PEAR!

We are excited to announce the integration between spend management platforms FITS & INFOmatch with our exchange compliance database PEAR. INFOmatch & FITS currently give users the clarity they need to take control of al... Read More >>>

Date: Feb 06, 2020

PEAR – Are you struggling with the inflow of 2020 exchange updates?

PEAR – Are you struggling with the inflow of 2020 exchange updates? Axon’s PEAR can help you stay on top of all your exchange policy and price changes effective in 2020. So far this year, PEAR has 80+ new exchange d... Read More >>>

Date: Jan 16, 2020

A Great 2019 for Axon – Award Wins & Product Enhancements

It has been a great 2019 for Axon Financial Systems (a TRG Screen Company) with winning both ‘Best Market Data Inventory/Compliance Platform’ at the TradingTech Insight Awards North America and ‘Best Supporting Services ... Read More >>>

Date: Dec 13, 2019

Who We Are

Axon is a technology-driven product and services business. We are focused on disrupting the current approach to market data management using automated processes, combined with centralised content to comply with, and report to, exchanges and data vendors. Using this approach, we are able to provide an extremely competitive offering that allows market data teams to carry out more valuable activities.

Market Data Challenges

Axon is a software-driven service solution that automates the repetitive processes surrounding the preparation and submission of vendor and exchange entitlement declarations. This allows clients to make more valuable use of their time, whilst Axon's centralised and readily accessible knowledge base reduces the need for expensive onsite consultancy services.

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Burden of Compliance

Market Data policies are many and varied and the time and resource cost of interpreting these is a significant burden to market data teams.


Axon Knowledge via PEAR manages the interpretation of data policies, ensuring that clients remain compliant in their market data usage.

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Overpayment for Data

Contrary to popular opinion some market data policies are favourable to clients, and if you’re not taking advantage of these you could be overpaying.


Axon highlights favourable policies within the PEAR product, and for ADS customers, Axon implements processes to ensure that customers benefit from any of these that can apply.

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Policy Tsunami

The industry is currently seeing the introduction of an unprecedented number of new market data policies as data originators seek to catch up with changes in the way that market data is used.


Axon’s PEAR monitors, and informs clients, of market data policy and fee document changes.

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