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Based on ADS, Axon’s flexible Declaration System, Axon Manage provides outsourced management of market data functions carried out by automated processes and overseen by market data experts. Clients using Axon Manage have the option to outsource their exchange/vendor reporting, or to outsource all of their market data administration functions.

ADS Application

ADS can accept and normalise multiple sources of data, e.g. exports from inventory and entitlement systems, to enable the ongoing management of exchange and client-specific rules to produce accurate and compliant declarations whilst ensuring clients benefit from favourable exchange policies where applicable.

Computer screen showing Axon’s flexible declaration system ADS

ADS Portal

The ADS portal provides Axon’s ADS customers with a real-time dashboard view of the status and metrics for their current reporting period for the submissions to the various exchanges and vendors. It also allows the user to give sign-off pre-submission, and to agree any deltas between monthly reports.

In addition, the portal enables easy and efficient uploading of files directly to Axon, as well as the downloading of reports. A notes section lets clients and members of the Axon team reference pertinent items to the relevant month.

ADS Benefits

  • Produces and submits reports in formats as specified by exchanges and vendors and realises the benefits of netting, such as MISU and other natural user reporting programs.

  • Creates direct exchange reporting relationships to aid in cost management, and offers a transparent service including provision of monthly management reports in an online dashboard.

  • Identifies and monitors fluctuations in reportable quantities and reduces the administrative overhead associated with monthly and quarterly reporting obligations.

  • Offers a monthly summary of all rules applied to the customer data provided for complete transparency and sign off.